Consulting - Emily Cohen
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Everyone needs a great business partner

Someone who has been in the trenches, who can advise you on what your company needs to be sustainable and competitive. I know that the last thing you need is cookie-cutter, generic solutions that are only slightly tailored to your specific requirements. Trust me to provide personalized (but tested) recommendations based on your firm’s real-world challenges and needs.

Expertise & Services

Big Picture Strategies

  • Strategic business planning
  • Process mapping
  • Staffing evaluation & planning
  • Client interviews & learnings

Business Practices

  • Promotional/new business guidance & strategies
  • Review and feedback of marketing tools & strategies
  • Evaluation of new business pitches & presentations
  • Qualifying and vetting clients
  • Pricing, proposal, and RFP consultations & evaluations

Staff Management

  • Defining leadership roles
  • Organizational & team planning
  • Roles, responsibilities, and salaries
  • Recruitment & hiring strategies
  • Vetting & interviewing candidates
  • Management methods & overall troubleshooting
  • Policies, terms, & conditions for employees and contractors

Operations Management

  • Time tracking strategies
  • Client management & tools
  • Project and process management & tools


I love to work with firms that:

  • Are ready and willing to change
  • Are willing to defend their ideas, but are also open to new ones
  • Are ready to invest in their future growth
  • Need to scale up and want to do so smartly
  • Grew too quickly and are encountering organizational challenges
  • Have principal(s) that are willing to stop fighting fires and focus on their business
  • Are committed to moving beyond their guerilla client
  • Small firms and solopreneurs that are ready to grow and hire
  • Established firms that are stagnating
  • Successful firms that are interested in what’s next

Challenges that I love to solve:

  • Rethinking existing teams to determine the best roles and organizational structure for a firm’s short- & long-term goals
  • Maintaining long-term client relationships even under difficult (or complex) circumstances
  • Advising on how best to manage and/or work with difficult employees, vendors, clients, etc.
  • Changing and improving perceptions of your business and brand position
  • Transitioning firms from being reactive/executional to more strategic
  • Uncovering a firm’s core strengths and differentiators
  • Leveraging a firm’s existing work and relationships to expand business opportunities
  • Fire-fighting (troubleshooting the “damn, now what?”)
Are you in need of some tough love that will help you evolve and grow your creative business?