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Who I Work With

I work with amazing creative firms, all of whom inspire and challenge me (and, I them). And, while you may recognize many of my clients, others you may not. However, everyone I work with is smart, talented, and cares deeply about how their actions as well as practices impact our industry overall. Some have written monographs or designed stamps for USPS while others have been recognized by AIGA, either nationally as AIGA Medalists or locally as AIGA Fellows. I even have a client that won the National Design Award and another that won a Grammy. All said, I also work with emerging and aspirational firms that may not have these credentials but are nonetheless passionate and committed. I couldn’t be prouder to work with every single one of them!


Selected Client List


Kelly McMurray


The Brigade

Zeke Howard and Ben Fogarty



Jon Contino



Zipeng Zhu


Design de Plume

Melissa Deschenes, Meggan Van Harten, and Jennifer Taback


The Heads of State

Dusty Summers and Jason Kernevich


Hunt Design

Wayne Hunt, Jennifer Bressler, & John Temple



Deroy Peraza and Julia Vakser Zeltser


Intend Creative

Laura Wertkin


Interwoven Design

Rebeccah Pailes-Friedman



Kelly Custer

Louise Fili Ltd

Louise Fili


Marquis Design

Kelly Custer



Craig Johnson and Blake Howard



Jeremy Mickel


Once–Future Office

Nikki Chung and Dungjai Pungauthaikan



Scott Stowell


Oxide Design Co.

Drew Davies


SJI Associates

Suzy Jurist


Viscul Creative

Jessica and Randall Hughes


Visual Dialogue

Fritz Klaetke



Adam Brodsley and Eric Heiman



Emily Cohen is an invaluable resource to our design firm and we can measure the results of working with her. After completing a Document Audit, we have more professional proposals, produced more efficiently, and we have received a very positive response from potential clients. We have, in turn, either been finalists for review or won the design contract. And, that was just the beginning of our work with Emily. Now we work with her on an ongoing consulting basis. Being able to tap into her knowledge and receive her impartial advice is invaluable.


Kelly McMurray

Emily’s knowledge, guidance, connections, and advice helped Post Typography in countless ways. The company became more prosperous and we became more mature, wiser business owners because of her. Our calls and meetings were always a kick in the pants, a light cutting through the fog, and of course fun and full of laughter. We cannot thank Emily enough for all she’s done for us and Post Typography, including your help and insights related to this current process.

Post Typography

Nolen Staals

Emily is passionate about her work, and has an incredible sense for people and how they interact in a workplace. In just 2 days of interviews, we were amazed at how she figured out our business structure, our internal management style, our dedicated staff and their unique personalities, and of course, all our issues! While it’s tough to face the truth sometimes, Emily isn’t afraid to dish it out! Behind her easy-going personality, is a brutally honest professional! She really kicked us into gear to take action on our endless to-do lists!

Hunt Design

Jennifer Bressler

The success and growth of my business has been due in no small part to the efforts of Emily Cohen. She never fails to meet the tightest of deadlines, has valuable insight into a wide range of projects, and rises to every occasion with energy and optimism.

Louise Fili Ltd

Louise Fili

Emily led a business retreat for us with the goal of identifying the “health” of our growing business. We left with a clear understanding of our strengths, opportunities, and how we should focus our efforts. The roadmap we developed with Emily has helped us become more effective with our time by spending more of it doing what we’re best at and enjoy.

Visual Dialogue

Fritz Klaetke

Emily’s expertise in proposal writing, new business, and strategy has been essential to our growth as a studio. We couldn’t imagine running our business without her. If only she could grow a giant beard.

The Heads of State

Dusty Summers and Jason Kernevich

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