Stop/Start/Continue Management Technique

One part of my job that I absolutely love is that my clients often expose me to best business practices. These best practices enrich my own consultation and allow me to grow and stay relevant within a continuously evolving business climate.

One such best practice I recently learned about from a new client is the “stop/start/continue approach.” This technique can be used in many different organizational situations, but is particularly relevant for employee reviews, 360 reviews, troubleshooting communication challenges, and post-mortems with clients.

The Stop/Start/Continue activity is quite simple and gets quickly gets to the heart of an issue; all you have to do is ask three questions:

  1. What should I stop doing?
  2. What should I start doing?
  3. What should I continue doing?

The questions and resulting answers encourage open and honest communication that results in succinct yet actionable strategies.  The first question (what should I stop doing?) helps identify behaviors or actions that prevent you from moving forward. The second question (what should I start doing?) focuses on growth opportunities and new learnings. And the last question (what should I doing?) highlights existing strengths. 

I recommend that after reading this blog, you take the time to do a personal evaluation and ask yourself these three questions. I personally will stop multi-tasking so often (see earlier post), start volunteering more in my community, and continue learning from my clients!

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