There is a plethora of resources out there to aid you in the business of graphic design. Here are my recommendations for the books, publications and tools that I believe will be most useful to your business. To boot, there are also a few articles I’ve written.

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Successful Creative Briefs: Linking Business Objectives and Creative Strategies
In this article you will learn how creative briefs are best used to link business objectives and creative strategies. Alongside practical advice on how creative briefs should be used to streamline the development process, this article provides concrete tips, tools, and techniques to ensure that your organization is not only creating great briefs, but also getting the most out of them. Most importantly, the article will walk you through how to use creative briefs to tighten the link between goals, strategies, and tactics.

Stop/Start/Continue Management Technique
One part of my job that I absolutely love is that my clients often expose me to best business practices. These best practices enrich my own consultation and allow me to grow and stay relevant within a continuously evolving business climate.

3 Advanced Pricing Strategies
If you are having difficulty getting clients to agree to a final price, here are three strategies that may help you when negotiating and presenting your fees.

My Favorite Student Typos
I know some of these are unbelievable, but these are all real typos made by my students; sort of frightening!

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Video RecordingCreative Briefs: Aligning Expectations and Measuring Results (Part II)Why most Creative Briefs don’t work and what they should do.
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Video RecordingCreative Briefs: Aligning Expectations and Measuring Results (Part I)Why designers are not experts in their clients' businesses.
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Podcast RecordingThe Reflex Blue ShowThe Reflex Blue Show interviewed me while I was speaking at AIGA Minnesota’s Design Camp. We talked about getting the right work, my Evolve symposium, and why we need to find a specialty.
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Take the Pain out of Proposals & Pricing:
Think, Simplify and Engage
Skillshare Online Class
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This online class for emerging designers will teach you the steps to pre-qualifying clients, defining objectives, communicating project parameters and impactful ways to customize your proposals.

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Online resources & magazines

Creative Mornings
Creative Mornings is a monthly breakfast lecture series of creative types. Each event is free of charge, and includes a 20-minute talk, plus coffee! You can currently join them in 75 cities globally.

The AIGA Center for Practice Management
The AIGA Center for Practice Management provides resources to help designers with the daily management of their studios. Those resources address a broad range of internal business and operational issues, giving creative professionals important tools for success.

Design Council
This site, developed by the Design Council in the United Kingdom, provides designers with the proof and arguments they need to convince businesses to value the impact that design can have, and to use design more.

Design Coach on Call
This site, developed by my colleague and trusted collaborator, Pam Bryan, the Design Business Coach, can help you find design specific business and personal coaching, tools and information when you need it, at a price you can afford. Look for no-cost articles on the blog, news of upcoming TeleForum design business courses, and MP3 recordings and ebooks in the store. Subscribe to receive email updates under links on the blog page.

Online Resources for In-House Creatives:

In-House Designer Blog
The InHouse Designer Blog is dedicated to the needs of in-house designers, working as internal creatives for companies big and small. Leading in-house creatives contribute to this blog, addressing hot topics, answering questions and providing you with tools and tips for success in your design career.

AIGA’s In-House Design Forum
Whether you’re just getting started or well into your career, find authoritative advice, articles, compensation data, publications and more.

InSource provides THE network for collectively sharing professional experiences, knowledge and best practices that help empower all inhouse creative leaders to run their business most effectively.

Sites with great examples of case studies:

Staffing websites

The following organizations and publications have online national job banks:

Creative Hotlist
Design Observer
Authentic Jobs
Behance Network

The following are recruiter sites:

Wert & Company, Inc.
Janou Pakter, Inc.