Beyond The Creative
Rock the Boat, Baby!

March 28-29, 2017


Evolve Symposiums
Two-day events tackling the most critical, relevant, and timely business issues for principals of graphic design firms

March 23– 24, 2017

October 22-23, 2015

September 22–23, 2014

March 24–25, 2014

March 21–22, 2013


AIGA Local Chapters

Best Practice Design Strategies
May 3, 2017

Managing Different Generations + Workshop: Rock the Boat, Baby!
January 19-20, 2017

Creative Briefs – Aligning Expectations and Measuring Results
November 5, 2016

Workshop: Rock the Boat, Baby!
September 17, 2016

Minnesota – Design Camp
Best Practices Any Design Firm Should Know
October 2-4, 2015

Los Angeles
Business Matters – Staffing for Success
May 20, 2015

New Business Presentations That Win
January 28, 2015

Project Intitation and Creative Briefs
November 12, 2013

Los Angeles
Best Practice Design Strategies
June 20, 2013

New York
Breakfast Club, Operation: Growth Plan
December 11, 2012

Successful Creative Briefs: Linking Business Objectives with Creative Strategies
October 20, 2010

Staffing/Managing Your Team for Success and Effective Proposal Strategies
June 5, 2008

New York
Moderated conference, Smart/Models: Business Principles for Design Principals
May 17, 2008

Writing a Creative Brief
March 16, 2006

Effective Proposals and Pricing Strategies
August 17, 2005

Pricing for Profits
April 19, 2005

panelist, The Path to Profitable Growth
March 9, 2005

Write! Effective Proposals and Pricing Strategies
January 20, 2005

Left-Brain Skills for Right-Brain Professionals
April 6, 2002

Smart Business by Design
May 10, 2000


RGD Design Thinkers Conference

RGD Design Thinkers, Toronto

Pre-Conference Workshops
November 2-5, 2016

RGD Design Thinkers
Pre-Conference Workshops (2) and Managing Projects and Clients for High Impact
November 12-15, 2015

Best Practice Strategies any Design Firm Should Know
Breakout session
November 6–8, 2013

Managing Clients for High Impact
Half day workshop
November 6–8, 2013

Pursuing and Qualifying Clients
Half day workshop
November 6–8, 2013

Management Strategies for In-House Creative Managers
November 3–4, 2009

Business Owner Forum
Panel Moderator
November 3–4, 2009


Type Directors Club

October 21, 2016


AIGA National Design Conference

AIGA Design Conference
Pre-Conference Workshop: Managing Projects and Clients for High Impact
October 8-10, 2015

Head, Heart, Hand
Identifying the Right Business Model Workshop
October 12–13, 2013

Best Practice Strategies any Design Firm Should Know
October 12–13, 2012

Stronger Leadership, Stronger Business: Staffing and Managing Your Team for Success
October 8–10, 2009

Gain Conference
Effective Proposals and Pricing Strategies
September 19, 2003


The Designers Roundtable

June 25-26th, 2015


The Connecticut Art Directors Art Club
Keynote Speaker and Panel Moderator

April 25, 2015



99U Conference
Client, Staff and Project Management, Mentor
March 1–2, 2014

Pop-Up School
Business planning, Mentor
September 18–19, 2013


How Design Conference

How Design Conference
Advanced Proposal & Pricing Strategies
June 24, 2013

In-HOWse Managers Conference
This Old In-House
June 21–23, 2012

How Design Conference
Managing a Cross-Generational Creative Team
June 25, 2011

Mind Your Own Business (MYOB) Conference
Stronger Leadership, Stronger Business
November 1–4, 2007

In-HOWse Managers Conference
How to Redesign and Refine Your Operating Processes
September 9–11, 2007

How Design Conference
Writing and Using a Creative Brief, Staffing Your Team With the Best Brightest and Pricing and Estimating
June 10–15, 2002


Design Business Association, London
Stronger Leadership, Stronger Business Organizing Your Team For Success and Managing Projects and Clients for High Impact

March 4, 2011


Creative Mornings
Best Practices Any Design Firm Should Know

December 3, 2010


Hyperakt Lunch Talk
Best Practices Any Design Firm Should Know

July 17, 2010


Our chapter was lucky to have Emily speak, and the audience not only was totally engaged till the end of her presentation, they stayed another 50 minutes to ask one great question after another.
— Noreen Morioka, Partner, AdamsMorioka, Inc. + President Emeritus, AIGA Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

Emily’s presentation was absolutely amazing and many people came out of it saying so. I wish every single one of our members who does work with clients could have been there to hear it.
— Hilary Ashworth, RGD Ontario, Toronto, Canada

Emily helped to shape the presentation for what resulted in a diverse group of attendees: design studios, agency, educators, as well as in-house creatives.
The workshop was thoughtful, it was smart, it was well presented—and it left us all hungry for more.
— Christine Sheller, In-House and Membership Director, AIGA Philadelphia + In-House Creative Director, Franklin Square Capital Partners, Philadelphia, PA

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